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🔴 Pantone has unveiled a new color of the year - Viva Magenta. According to the Color Institute, this is a strong and bold shade that is suitable for rebelliousness, and supports inclusivity, and brings something alive and real to the world of technology.
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We remember how to make a three-dimensional postcard, 🔥
How to Draw Grinch [11 Easy Steps]

In this lesson you will learn how to draw Grinch who stole Christmas. The main style is cartoon, so the lesson will be easy. Also all images are in SVG format, so use them however you want.

How to Draw Grinch Step-by-Step

How to Draw Grinch step-by-step

Total Time: 15 minutes

Step 1
Draw a…
How to Draw Wednesday Addams [9 Easy Steps]

Today we’re going to teach you how to draw Wednesday Addams, the protagonist of the TV series “Wednesday” from 2022, directed by Tim Burton himself.

Wensday was named after an English songstress. She is a dark-haired, pale girl who masters judo and does ballroom dancing. 6-year-old Wenzdee’s favorite toy is a doll, which her brother…
Simple Paper Crafts [11 Easy Diy For You ]

In this lesson, you’ll learn how to make homemade Paper Crafts. Folding paper crafts is a type of manual labor, when as a result of folding without the use of binding materials from a sheet of paper is made a certain thing – a product. By folding the paper can make a variety of household…
How to Draw Happy New Year 2023 [Best Ideas]

In anticipation of the most favorite and brightest winter holidays we offer to learn how to draw happy new year 2023, as well as show how to draw the main New Year characters to create your own author cards for friends and relatives.

Drawing rabbits and bunnies for Happy New Year 2023

Simple [How to…
How to Draw a Dog Paw [5 Easy Steps]

In this lesson you will learn How to Draw a Dog Paw. Drawing a dog’s paw is easy. If you have a dog, it’s pretty easy to draw his paw. Especially if the dog is obedient.

How to Draw a Dog Paw

Following step by step to draw the paw

Общее время: 5 минут

How to Draw a Brain [5 Easy Steps]

In this lesson we will learn how to draw a Brain. For the drawing to work, we need only five simple steps. Look carefully at the picture — the guide, now repeat step by step , and you can draw with a pencil first and then trace the finished drawing with a felt-tip pen. More…
British Artist Recreates Miniature Stonehenge Sculpture Using Kidney Stones

A British artist has recreated a miniature sculpture of Stonehenge using stones from his own kidneys, which he extracted over several years with the help of doctors. This is reported by NDTV.

Simon Le Boggit (Simon Le Boggit) unveiled his unique interpretation of England’s historic landmark at the exhibition, organised by the charity Outside In.…
A Stolen Van Gogh Painting Ends up in a US Museum

Van Gogh’s painting «The Novel Reader» on display at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in Detroit, USA, is stolen. The lawsuit, filed Tuesday, Jan. 10, by Brokerarte Capital Partners and its sole owner Gustavo Soter, a Brazilian art collector, says The Guardian.

The lawsuit alleges that the museum has borrowed a painting from an illegal…
Australian Environmental Activists Tried to Deface a Painting in a Perth Gallery

Australian environmental activists have painted the Woodside energy company’s logo on a painting in protest at the company’s alleged destruction of rock art in the north-west of the country. WAtoday, a local news website, reported on 19 January.

Using stencil and spray cans, activist Joana Particka drew the Woodside logo on Frederick McCubbin’s «Down…
The World’s First Art Stock Exchange Appears on the Art Market

The other day the launch of the world’s first art stock exchange was announced. Artex was initiated by the Prince of Liechtenstein and a group of investment bankers. According to Artex CEO Yassir Benjelloun-Touimi, the first painting will be offered for sale in the first half of 2023. Details are still being kept secret, but…
A Ukrainian City Has Been Inscribed on the World Heritage List

During the 18th extraordinary session of UNESCO in Paris, the historic center of Odessa was accelerated to the world heritage list. On January 25, six countries supported the decision, 14 abstained and Russia voted against it. «This recognizes the outstanding universal value of the site and the responsibility of all humanity to protect it,» the…
Valentines Drawing Ideas in 2023 [14 Easy Paintings]

In this collection of Valentines Drawing Ideas, we’ve compiled 14 simple drawings that anyone can do. Find the right idea for you and make your loved one happy with a drawing.

Couple of lovers hugging with balloons in the shape of hearts (Valentines Drawing Ideas)

Paint this uncomplicated but cute picture for Valentine’s Day. All…
Spring Decorating Ideas for the Home in 2023

This post presents basic ideas for spring decorating. Fill your home with the atmosphere of spring coziness.

Easter decorating [Spring Decorating]

Holidays are an essential part of culture. They bring people together and remind them of the most important things every time. They help to make life brighter, filling everyday life with pleasant worries and…