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No one is immune to hacking attacks. As long as we don’t have a door-locking mindset when it comes to computer or mobile devices, it will no matter how cautious we are, we can’t completely eradicate the danger of our phone being hacked - not unless we refuse to install any apps or visit any websites.
Cat S61 rugged, unlocked GSM Smartphone, Thermal by FLIR. The Cat S61 smartphone is built to be rugged and tough, to take on any challenging environment or tasks you throw at it. It’s the upgrade to your Cat S60, backed by a powerful 4,500mAh battery; bigger, better, bolder than ever before.
Getting the Google experience has never been more accessible. A compact phone that's easy to use, a beautiful screen, and one of the best cameras in this price range. The Pixel 4a costs $349 in the US (+/- 7500,-peso with 64GB), where it’s available in only one size, one color, and one storage configuration.
We offer the Google Pixel4a, unlocked, 128GB »> 5000,- peso / 10 in stock. First come, first serve! Get in touch for phone # and other inquiries regarding the Pixel4a by email here...
We got Google Pixel 4a smartphones for sale in La Paz, BCS, Mexico
HarmonyOS: Hands-on with Huawei's rival to Android
Huawei has revealed a new tablet and smartwatch running HarmonyOS, its new operating system that it is developing to replace Google's Android.
The Chinese communications giant said it would develop new software after former President Donald Trump put the company on a US trade blacklist.
Google has unveiled its latest smartphone, containing the tech giant's first self-designed computer chip.
The Pixel 6 contains Google's "Tensor" processor, which it says enables new phone features powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning.
It is also the first phone in the series with a "Pro" model, designed to compete at the high end of the market.
Google owns and operates the Android platform, used by almost every mobile phone maker apart from Apple.
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A surgeon based in London performed a remote surgery on a banana located in California utilizing 5G technology, showcasing the incredible potential of this method.
Un cirujano con sede en Londres realizó una cirugía remota en un plátano ubicado en California utilizando tecnología 5G, mostrando el increíble potencial de este método.
The newly released Huawei Mate 60 Pro flagship phone. The phone comes with Huawei's latest Hormony 4.0 system, a Kirin 9000s chip, a satellite phone and 5G standard Internet speeds.
The new flagship device, which reportedly includes a new 5G Kirin 9000s processor developed specifically for Chinese manufacturer Huawei, recently shocked industry experts who didn’t understand how the company would have the technology to make such a chip following sweeping efforts by the United States to restrict China’s access to foreign chip technology.
Everything in this 1991 RadioShack ad is in your smartphone!
The best-selling mobile phones of all time:
🇫🇮 Nokia 1100: 250M
🇫🇮 Nokia 1110: 248M
🇺🇸 iPhone 6/6 Plus: 222M
🇫🇮 Nokia 105 Series: 200M
🇺🇸 iPhone 6S/6S Plus: 174M
🇺🇸 iPhone 5s: 165M
🇫🇮 Nokia 3210: 161M
🇺🇸 iPhone 7/7 Plus: 160M
🇺🇸 iPhone 11/11 Pro/ 11 Pro Max: 159M
🇺🇸 iPhone XR/XS/XS Max: 151M
🇫🇮 Nokia 6600: 150M
🇫🇮 Nokia 1200: 150M
🇫🇮 Nokia 5230: 150M
🇰🇷 Samsung E1100: 150M
🇺🇸 iPhone 5: 146M
🇫🇮 Nokia 2600/2610/2626/2630: 135M
🇺🇸 Motorola RAZR V3: 130M
🇫🇮 Nokia 1600/1650/1661: 130M
🇫🇮 Nokia 3310: 126M
🇺🇸 iPhone 8/8 Plus: 125M

Note: data current up to 2023.
According to Yahoo Finance, Omdia