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Here is a tiny list our channels.
@Engineering_Ebooks1 (Private Channel with 32k subs)
@ProgrammingEbookz  (Private Channel with 4.5k subs)
@BooksHouse  (Private Channel with 7.8k subs)
› Some extra channels with 1000 to 5000 subscribers

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Feed reader Bots ( Purpose Of Bot )

1) @AndroidNewsRobot → Android News
2) @DailyJobsRobot → Government Jobs Alert
3) @AutomobileNewsRobot → Automobile News
4) @WhoTgRobot → World Health Organization News
5) @RandomBooksRobot → Random Books
6) @TheHackersNewsBot → The Hacker News
7) @GoogleAppBot → Google App Updates
8) @SamsungAppBot → Samsung App Updates
9) @OnePlusAppBot → OnePlus App Updates
10) @FacebookAppBot → Facebook App Updates
11) @Instagram_AppBot → Instagram App Updates
12) @TwitterAppBot → Twitter App Updates
13) @MicrosoftAppBot → Microsoft Updates
14) @GoogleCameraPortsBot → Gcam Updates

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🛎️ Created by: @Awesome_Tools
🤖 Similar bots: @FeedUpdatesBots
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Hello, fellow subscribers! I am the founder and owner of the @AdsFather Telegram channel, which is a vast network of educational channels and groups.

Regrettably, due to my inactivity on Telegram, I have decided to sell all my channels and group. If anyone is interested in purchasing them, please make your offer at » Here. You will get response within 2 business days or sometime instantly too.

List ›

Around 70,000+ subscribers in various channels and group, all channels with unique usernames (along with @AdsFather itself) Rest assured, all the channels and group have organic members that you can leverage to meet your specific requirements and expand your own network. Don't miss this opportunity to take advantage of these valuable resources! For more information get in touch with me.

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