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Hi Welcome to Alishan Haveli for Dheet Hodlrs.

In this Haveli - We share free education based on our own views which can be right or wrong (Mostly Wrong). Whatever you read here look at it for reference - don't rely 100% on it because it's your portfolio
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Bitcoin had weekly close below 50 Weekly MA, This has never happened before in Bull run and even when Bull market changed into bear market. Also with close Bitcoin is still managing to hold our lower support level at $30,400-$31,000.

Now 50 Weekly MA is at $32,300 which is near our $32,200 resistance aswell. So more over we need to keep an eye on these 2 levels πŸ‘‡

Resistance - $32,200-$32,300
Support - $30,400-$31,000
New video coming in few mins.
Jadu dekh rahe ho - appne support in most cases initial bounce toh de hi dete hai chahe mara hua bounce hi kyu na ho. πŸ˜‚
Baki this area $30,400-$31,000 bahut imp zone hai. Aaajke video mein cover kiya hai yeh break hua toh waise jyda kuch niche hai nahi support ke liye. So do check todays video have explained everything in detail.
$400 jump from our support zone at $30,400 but remember small jumps dont really matter that much in downtrend. unless price bounces to test upper resistance which in current case is at $32,200. Price support pe hi rahi toh risk of breaking down will increase - So trade accordingly.
Morning Guys, As mentioned in last update - If jump is not strong enough & stays close to $30,400 price will break down. Which has happened now breaking downward almost 22 days old moving channel. Really dont have much support below these areas. Last ones are $29,000 then $28,000 baki sab strong support aab resistance ban gye hai.
🚨 1,649 #BTC ($49,005,088)
aggregated flows from miners to exchanges
Miners seems to be moving Bitcoin to exchanges since last night. Miners usually transfer to sell them.

561 #BTC ($17,219,848) - 1:27 AM
2,063 #BTC ($61,255,156) - 8:51 AM
560 #BTC ($16,556,946) - 09:05 AM
954 #BTC ($28,303,409) - 9:17 AM
1,649 #BTC ($49,005,088) - 11:16 AM
🚨 1,996 #BTC ($59,366,106)
aggregated flows from miners to exchanges
Guys video length kaunsi suit karti hai apko ?
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