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Hello sketchers!
it's Lena

This channel is about Interior inspiration, furniture and of course industrial sketching.

I will share my fav furniture and interior.
Also here you will find my raw sketches.

Stay tuned🀍
Hey, guys! πŸ’‘
What do you think about such schemes?

I just love them, you can easily understand how to draw a shape, and also how easily you can show the volume.
What do you think? πŸ”₯ or πŸ€”
Hi, guys✌️
Lately, I've been more interested in classic furniture.
Now i am selecting references for recording today.
Their bizarre shape beckons to draw it.😁
Which one to draw? 🀎 or πŸ–€
Which one to draw? 🀎 or πŸ–€
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Another reminder of the difference in drawing shadows.

1. Building shadows from a light source

2. Orthogonal drawing of shadows (or from a light source that is very, very far away, such as the sun)
Did you know that both methods are correct?
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Of course ✌️
Nope 🧐
I am confuse 😬
Hello, guys! πŸ”₯
Who confused from last post.
Why are you confused?

Let's figure it outπŸ’‘
Could you share in commentsπŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡
Hey guys!
How is your drawing?
I believe that copying is the best way to learn.

But copying not blindly.
And analyze the shape, how the author draw the texture and show the light, in the end, what combinations of markers were used.

The main thing is to find the right reference to copy.

So, i have an ideaπŸ’‘
I will publish the finished sketch and its construction so that you can work directly on it on the texture or better study the shape.
How do you like this idea?
Let’s start to copyπŸ”₯
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I am still thinking πŸ€”