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🖼️ Gevangenpoort

📍 Bergen op Zoom, Noord-Brabant
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Remigration now: Action in Brussels

❗️Last weekend, activists and spokespersons of patriotic movements from all over Europe met and carried their demand to the gates of the EU-Parliament. This is their message to the politicians and youth of Europe.

📡 The "Action Radar Europe" is as the first result of the meeting. In the future, important events and actions will be published her. It is the first step in our Europe-wide reorganization.

💪🏻 Our opponents work united internationally. Only if patriots unite they can defeat the globalists.
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Geuzenbond activists placed posters in Assen.
Geuzenbond activists placed posters in Stampersgat.
Geuzenbond activists placed posters in Hoeven.
Geuzenbond activists placed posters in Bosschenhoofd.
Geuzenbond activists held a banner demonstration in Rotterdam to encourage voters to vote for remigration in the upcoming national election.

Over the past decades, our homeland has been flooded by criminal foreigners making our streets unsafe. After numerous failed attempts at integration and a disastrous asylum policy, it is time to put into practice the only solution for these problems: REMIGRATION!

Video coming soon.