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Bidens build back better has dampened the shale-investment appetite.
Rig counts and daily production numbers remain low and there is little evidence of a further pick-up in activity alongside higher oil prices.
The main culprit behind that development is likely Biden’s “build back better” strategy, which essentially aims at underinvesting in non-renewables.
This is likely a reason why OPEC+ they keep under-supplying oil markets as they no longer fear another shale-boom to the same extent, even if oil prices rally further. 
Opinion: Biden’s Clean Energy Transition isn’t alleviating the Energy Crisis, and will soon hit your pocket. Long Energy Stocks.
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Last week US Payrolls printed 194K vs. the moderate 500K expected jobs.
You think this whole data series is bananas now, as job openings soar even as job creation doesn’t? Wait until we see the impact of the forced lay-offs that begin as vaccine mandates are imposed on the labor force.

Also imagine what this will mean for strained supply chains: let’s lose a few thousand more truckers, for example, and see where it gets us. This week it started with Southwest Airlines...
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Seattle PD May Lose 40% Of Officers Over Covid-19 Vaccine Mandate...
"The environment has been pretty toxic and negative," one officer anonymously told Fox 13. "Not just from this whole mandate, but prior to that as well. I’m not sure this would be a good place for me to work long-term for my mental health. It has been very stressful."

By the numbers, as of Oct. 6, 292 sworn personnel had yet to provide proof of a COVID-19 vaccination per the report, down from 354 on Tuesday. An additional 111 officers are awaiting the results of exemption requests, meaning the total number of potentially fired Seattle cops is as high as 403.
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No Coal in China 🇨🇳...
Despite being in a (much) better spot than the West in terms of supplies, China is not doing well either. Almost 80% of the energy consumption mix in China is coal-driven, why the current inventory levels look frighteningly low.
China re-allowed the import of Australian coal last week, despite the ongoing political dispute between the two countries, which is a signal that inventories are running (too) low in China.
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The inventories in Germany look even worse when it comes to natural gas... NG is 25% of Energy Consumption in Germany.

Putin has calmed down European natural gas markets by ensuring that deliveries will arrive in time, but we usually don’t prefer taking autocrats at face value. Russia is likely to deliver the gas, but they are also likely to ask for something in return.
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Long Range Weather Forecasting is a tricky game, but one worth preparing for given the looming Energy Crisis which still hasn’t hit the US like it has in Europe and in China....
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Sometimes Christmas comes early, other times it doesn’t even show up... (shortages wont help).
Its all about family this Christmas though, that’s all we have left, but it’s more than enough; family is everything. Goodnight & God Bless you Patriots 🙏🏼💚
When you look at September Non-Farm Payrolls (+194k jobs vs. +500k expected), the number of private payrolls, at +317k, was actually not that bad, and was virtually unchanged from last month's 332k. The single biggest contributor to the lousy jobs report was the shocking drop in Government Workers, which tumbled by 123k. This was the biggest monthly decline since Oct 2020, and was entirely due to a loss of 144k government education jobs.

The reason we bring up government workers, they are subject to an EO issued by the WH early September Requiring Coronavirus Disease 2019 Vaccination for Federal Employees.

In other words, we are likely to see signs of impact from these vaccine mandates across government workers first before the private sector ramps up their efforts, and judging by the latest NFP report, those signs might be starting to surface.
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Vaccine hesitancy is quite elevated in the US; so far 72% of Americans have been vaccinated (left chart). If the private sector ramps up on their vaccine mandate efforts, as expected according to some of these surveys, we might see the Labor Force Participation Rate move lower while these mandates are in place. According to KFF, 12% of Americans would “definitely not” get the vaccine (right chart), many of which might decide to bite the bullet when the time comes to save their jobs. Others might feel empowered to quit/get fired given the hot labor market, and try search for a job without a vaccine mandate or consume their newly built excess savings as they temporarily drop out of the labor force.
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Willis Towers Watson polled 961 US companies that collectively employ about 9.7 million people: Half of the companies surveyed planned to require workers to get a COVID vaccine by the end of 2021.

If 50% of jobs require a mandate by year end, and 5% of workers are willing to lose their jobs (previous post), a drop up to 2.5% in the Labor Force Participation Rate resulting from these initiatives (chart red line) would take us back to the 1960s, and will only intensify the current stagflationary issues in the short term.

Such policy mistake could potentially force the WH to reverse their plan on vaccine mandates.
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The previous 3 posts are part of the same thread, regarding the potential impact of vaccine mandates in the US labor market. Read carefully...
Oct21 Michigan Consumer Sentiment Highlights
Honeymoon Over: Biden Economic Plan “Too Risky”, Americans Reckon

The adage "never let a crisis go to waste" mirrors the range and scale of Biden's progressive proposals, but consumers see it as too risky a strategy. When asked about their confidence in economic policies, favorable evaluations fell to 19% in early October from Biden's honeymoon high of 31% in April, while unfavorable policy evaluations rose to 48% in early October from 32% in April (see the chart). The decline in confidence in economic policies was recorded across all age, income, and education subgroups as well as among Democrats, Independents, and Republicans.
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This how you fight for your rights
Forwarded from We The Media (Stormy Patriot Joe)
FBI swarms Russian Billionaire
Oleg Deripaska

How does this tie into the Q drops?

Oleg Deripaska had direct ties to Manafort (and others)

Q told us Manafort was a “plant” injected into the Trump campaign

That’s why Manafort was thrown in the hole.


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