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💰 Deepening worries over Evergrande have ignited selling in a $428bn corner of the Asian debt market, underscoring how the crisis at the Chinese property developer is spreading to other assets. (free-to-read)

📈 The Bank of England has signalled additional concern about rising inflation, predicting it was now likely to peak above 4% and stay at this level into the second quarter of next year

🎮 Joe Biden wants to raise taxes on the wealthy and corporations — a task that may be difficult to pull off. How much do you know about his proposals? Play our interactive game.

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🇨🇳 Breaking news: China has expanded its crackdown on cryptocurrencies by declaring that all activities related to digital coins are 'illegal'.

🏠 In other news, the Evergrande saga continues. Investors in an Evergrande offshore bond say they have yet to receive a closely watched interest payment of $83.5m that was due on Thursday.

💰 Back in the UK, a group of companies set up by an obscure entrepreneur received as much as £40m in furlough cash in a single month this year, despite little public evidence that the businesses have any staff. The UK Treasury has opened 23,000 inquiries into incorrect pandemic payments.

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⛽️ Panic-buyers are draining UK petrol pumps after a shortage of tanker drivers was announced last week. The urgency of the situation has prompted Boris Johnson to prepare to call in the army to help.

📉 COVID-19 has shuttered life expectancy progress in 27 nations. The largest decline was observed in US males, whose life expectancy dropped by 2.2 years compared with 2019. (free to read)

🇨🇳 At least two local governments in China have taken control of sales revenue from properties owned by the world’s most indebted property developer, even as Beijing remained silent about the unfolding liquidity crisis at Evergrande.

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🦠 Researchers have made strides towards developing an antiviral pill that would treat Covid-19 symptoms. While vaccines aim to prevent infection, a pill that sped up recovery times and could be taken at home would be a significant development, providing treatment for people who are infected and potentially reducing the burden on hospitals. Read our explainer here. (free to read)

🛢️ For the first time in three years, oil prices are at $80 a barrel. Experts say this may be a sign of an upcoming energy crisis that will probably affect economic growth. 

🇩🇪 Olaf Scholz is in line to replace Angela Merkel as Germany's new chancellor, with the SPD winning the election with 25.7% of the vote. How did the Social Democrat win?

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🤖 Amazon has unveiled an almost knee-high autonomous robot to patrol the home as part of a suite of new technology products that could alarm digital privacy advocates. The robot, named Astro, will cost $999 and ship to a limited number of customers later this year.

🏚 Evergrande, the heavily indebted Chinese property developer, has raised Rmb10bn ($1.5bn) by selling part of its stake in a bank to a state-owned investment group.

🇺🇸 A constitutional crisis is looming in the US, writes Martin Wolf. As former president Donald Trump tightens his grip on the Republican party ahead of the 2024 election, one must ensure that his naive and incompetent approach to the wielding of power will not be repeated. (free-to-read)

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🇨🇳 What happened to Goldman Sachs in China? For the US bank, taking control of its Chinese joint venture was meant to be a ticket to future riches. Ten months on, Goldman’s position looks less secure. Instead, it is confronted with a paradox: is it prepared to push deeper into China, as Beijing’s crackdown on large companies dims investment opportunities? (free-to-read)

⛽️ UK ministers are set to outline plans to shift green surcharges from household electricity bills on to gas bills in an attempt to nudge consumers towards lower-carbon alternatives.

🎬 Hollywood is bracing for a potential strike by 60,000 behind-the-scenes workers who say they can no longer earn a living wage.

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💊 Breaking news: US Pharma group Merck will ask US regulators to authorise the first antiviral pill to treat Covid-19 after a clinical trial showed the drug cut the risk of hospitalisation or death in half. (free to read)
💸 While interest in ethereum is soaring, experts warn that the price of the public blockchain's tokens will probably be volatile. Ethereum has the potential to be the future of the internet, but will it be? (free to read)

🇦🇫 Various problems are piling up under the Taliban’s regime in Afghanistan. ‘They have 30m people to look after and no money to do it with’, says a veteran Afghanistan expert

📺 Start your weekend with our review of the HBO show Succession: ‘[It] seems to be the penthouse of dramas, far above ordinary means and mayhem’

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💰 Leaked financial documents dubbed the “Pandora Papers” have exposed how the wealthiest world leaders use offshore tax havens to store and move their money. Tap here for more details on the huge data leak. (free to read)

💻 Frances Haugen, a former Facebook product manager, unmasked herself on Sunday as the whistleblower who leaked a trove of internal company documents to the Wall Street Journal. Her revelations have plunged the social media company into its deepest crisis since the Cambridge Analytica scandal.

🇨🇳 Evergrande suspended its shares from trading in Hong Kong on Monday as the world’s most indebted real estate developer braced itself for the possible sale of its property management unit.

💉 Ugur Sahin, chief executive of BioNTech, has told the FT that a new formulation of the Covid-19 vaccine is likely to be needed by the middle of next year because mutations of the virus may emerge that evade the immunity given by current jabs.

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🚗 Electric vehicles are simpler, smarter, and quieter. But are they cleaner? Take a look at our interactive story to find out. (free to read)

🇬🇧 Boris Johnson has denied the UK is facing an economic crisis, attributing the supply chain disruption and rising prices to the “stresses and strains you’d expect from a giant waking up” after the coronavirus crisis.

💻 Facebook hid its research into how its products affected vulnerable users and society more widely to avoid regulation, a whistleblower told Congress.

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🇹🇼 China will be fully capable of invading Taiwan by 2025, the island’s defence minister has warned, indicating publicly for the first time that the country faces a threat of war. (free to read)

🇷🇺 Vladimir Putin said Russia was prepared to stabilise soaring global energy prices that are threatening to sharply raise inflation — and that had a big effect on gas markets.

🚗 If Ford can convince many of the fans of its signature pick-up truck to go electric, we’ll know there is a deep change in the market. But will Americans ever take the electrical vehicle route?

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🇨🇳 The CIA has created a new mission centre focused on China to counter Beijing’s ‘increasingly adversarial’ government. (Free to read)

🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 In an exclusive interview with the FT, Scotland’s first minister Nicola Sturgeon warned that Scottish independence is more likely the longer Boris Johnson’s government seeks to delay a second referendum.

✈️️ Only seven countries remain on England’s travel ‘red list’ from which travellers must go into hotel quarantine upon arrival in the country. Read more about the recent update.

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🏆 The Nobel Peace Prize has been awarded to journalists Maria Ressa and Dmitry Muratov for their ‘courageous fight’ for press freedom in the Philippines and Russia. (Free-to-read)

🦠 A surge of Delta variant cases in the Asia-Pacific region is forcing nations from New Zealand to Singapore to assess how to live with coronavirus and abandon their ‘zero Covid’ strategies.

🎵 Will R Kelly’s conviction lead to a reckoning for music? Start your weekend with our essay on whether the industry is at a turning point.

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🇨🇳 The US has already lost the fight against China regarding artificial intelligence, a former Pentagon software chief told the FT. He also said that Beijing’s world dominance is inevitable. (free to read)

💉 AstraZeneca’s Covid-19 antibody drug reduced the risk of developing severe Covid or death by 50%, trials have shown. 

💼 Would you like to work seven days a week but with flexible hours? This is what a British company proposed to its employees. Click to see how the experiment is going.

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🚀 Elon Musk’s new rocket could dominate the space exploration race. ‘It’s game over for the existing launch companies,’ a rival said. (free to read)

🦠 The UK’s early herd immunity strategy was ‘one of the most important public health failures the United Kingdom has ever experienced’, a House of Commons report stated. 

📹 The COP26 climate summit next month will bring together nearly 200 global negotiators to discuss progress on climate change and how to move forward. Click here for our video explainer on the make-or-break issues that are on the table at the most important climate conference in years.

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💉 Personalized cancer treatments are among new drug developments made possible by the success of mRNA vaccines. (Free to read)

💻 The US overtook China as the world’s biggest source of bitcoin mining two months after Beijing banned crypto mining this year, data have revealed.

🏆 The Nobel Prize economists proved the ‘revolutionary idea’ that it's possible to turn statistics into real world insights, our FT columnist writes.

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📱 Latin American tech start-ups have pulled in $6.5bn in venture capital in the first half of this year, bringing the region to the forefront of the emerging tech market boom. (Free to read)

🇫🇷 France will invest €1bn in nuclear power by 2030 as Europe’s energy crisis spurs renewed interest in nuclear power’s availability and predictability.

💼 The search for satisfaction in our careers might bring fulfilment, but we should be seeking happiness outside of those hours too, says FT writer Andrew Hill.

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✈️ The US will allow vaccinated travellers to enter the country starting on November 8, reopening to foreign nationals travelling by air or land from places around the world, including the UK and Europe. (free to read)

🚢 Supply chains around the world have been highly disrupted in the past few months as consumer demand soars across the globe. Click here to see where the world’s worst port delays are and how this may affect you.

🇬🇧 A veteran Conservative MP in the UK was killed on Friday after being stabbed multiple times at an event in his Essex constituency.

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🇨🇳 China tested a nuclear-capable hypersonic missile in August, demonstrating an advanced space capability that caught US intelligence by surprise. (Free to read)

🇺🇸 Former US secretary of state Colin Powell died of Covid complications on Monday. Here’s our explainer on why vaccinated people can still get the virus.

🚗 Uber is a $91bn company that still loses money. Click here to find out the challenges it is facing, and the efforts it is making to turn a profit –– including raising ride prices.

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🦠 Scientists are tracking a coronavirus subvariant of Delta called AY.4.2, which they believe may be even more infectious. (free to read)

🇺🇸 Donald Trump has sued the US National Archives and the congressional committee investigating his involvement in the January 6 siege on the US Capitol.

🐶 Opinion: Veterinarians are leaving their jobs as the pandemic pet boom and staff shortages leave them burnt out.

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