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Forwarded from Military Events
🚨Taiwan's deputy head of the Taiwanese Defense Ministry's research department found dead in a hotel. The official was working on strengthening Taiwan's missile production capacity
Indiana Rep Jackie Walorski posted this on Twitter just days before she was killed in a car accident. Police accounts originally said the other vehicle swerved in front of her car, then later changed that story claiming her car swerved into oncoming traffic. The driver of the car also happens to be the only one who was qualified to choose Jackie's replacement, which means there are two vacancies creating an opportunity for controlled politicians to be installed in their place.
Forwarded from The Vigilant Fox 🦊
Media is too big
Alex Stein Brutally Trolls Vice Reporter at CPAC Wearing a Mask

Alex Stein:
"How many vaccinations you have? Are you on your fifth vaccine?"

Tess Owen: "It's none of your business."

Alex Stein: "Oh, my! So it's not? So why you wanna mandate them if it's none of my business?"


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Forwarded from Lin Wood (L. Lin Wood)
I just heard former GA Congressman Doug Collins say on Newsmax that the problem in Georgia in 2020 was “complacency” on the part of Republicans.

Not a word about the rigged and illegal election!!!

Who do you think you are fooling, Doug???

We The People are not stupid, Doug.

Doug Collins is a RINO.

I don’t think Doug is a communist by ideology, but who knows? If he is not, then you have to ask what does “the club” have on him???

Doug refused to challenge the 2020 Georgia election.

He also had failed to pay my $25K legal bill for services I rendered to him at his request during his campaign to redress what he felt were false accusations being made against him.

The money is not the issue. Knowing him be his fruits is the issue.

Just sayin.’

Lin 🙏❤️🇺🇸
Forwarded from Cody Mello
Hey Lin, do you ever remember Kari Lake thanking Trump for her “landslide” win in Arizona yesterday? She was able to “beat the machines”. Ain’t that a thing? It was almost like MAGIC!
Forwarded from Blair Cottrell
Plenty of Dads larp about “if something ever happened to my daughter…”

Something is happening right now. They’re drugging her to make her infertile & insane, while brainwashing her into becoming a whore.

And you’re going to work to pay for it, then sitting on the couch drinking beer.
30 minutes in length. It's worth listening to all the way through.
Roughly 11 minutes long. Worth listening to;
Listening to this. I'm at 21:00 minutes in.
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The human race is doomed. We're all monkeys.
Forwarded from Global Intel Watch
🇲🇲🇨🇳 - Myanmar ambassador to China found dead. It is the fourth ambassador to die while in duty this year, after German, Filipino and Ukrainian ambassadors.
Forwarded from The Golden One
You (the Soul) have a Body and a Mind. One influences the other.

A healthy Body -> a healthy Mind.
A healthy Mind -> a healthy Body.

You can influence your Mind to think certain thoughts. Those thoughts will influence your Body (quite literally).

In a few Podcast episodes, I have talked about Magic in the sense that your subjective universe can influence the objective universe (i.e. a confident mindset can lead to a better body language, which in turn leads to hormonal changes). This is good to keep in mind.

However, it must be noted that the first step must always be to take care of the Temple (the Body is your Temple). A derelict Temple is detrimental to the Mind as well as to the Soul.

A healthy Temple (Body) and Mind will enable a good spiritual development – which, in turn, will benefit both Body and Mind, thus creating a great momentum.