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Media is too big
In a video interview with David Nino Rodriguez yesterday, John DeSouza suggested that "Real Raw News" is real, it's "obvious" that it's written by military agencies, and that he's confident in this because he "has information from military personnel connected to those who write for Real Raw News".

He claimed to Nino that Hillary Clinton, John Podesta, and Bill Gates have already been executed under military tribunal.

Feel free to watch the whole thing - https://www.bitchute.com/video/pt1Qxq70-cg/
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Trust the PLAN.
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New York to Simulate Biological Attack in Urban Area

Homeland Security will release ‘low concentrations of safe particle and gas tracer materials’ around various locations including parks and subway stations. The simulation will enable researchers and agencies to get insight into the a possible biological attack in an urban environment.

City authorities have warned citizens won't notice the gas and that they shouldn't be concerned by official personnel in some areas, who will monitor the response to a potential terror attack.

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New Scavino on IG 🇺🇸😍
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🤡GREEN CALI LAWS holding the rest of the country hostage...🤡

California could be the most successful, powerful state in the nation, if it weren't for leadership.

Don't count us out yet, though. Sacramento has created this crisis of trucking, and roaches don't like the spotlight once it's put on them.

One of many reasons we were told to #WatchCalifornia.

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Brit - in hebrew for contract and ish means man....

The free masons claim their hidden masters are in contact w a being named YODA who has told them magical wisdom....

Pentagon was built as so to be what it really is..... Sacrificed through Gov...... There was a reason why over 5000 Department of Defense members were caught with child porn and never charged.... The pentagon was literally built to be BAD... This is so deep we cant trust anyone of them... only trust us....

our greatest enemy has always been in the whitehouse..

Elite kids they refer to as children.... The rest of us have "kids" their coined phrase....

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Media is too big
President Trump’s full interview with Bill O’Reilly today.
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Don't you love it when a plan comes together?


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NOW - Another plane crashes in the US. This time in Brookshire, Texas. 21 people were aboard a plane when it crashed. Only one person was reportedly injured. No fatalities, according to officials.

UPDATE - The MD-87 rolled through a fence and caught fire while attempting to depart from Houston Executive Airport in Houston in Brookshire, according to the FAA.

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Telegram is in their crosshairs…

Don’t get too comfy here.