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Chainlink (@chainlink):

"Chainlink decentralized oracle networks can operate at the native speed & cost of each blockchain they support.

Here's a deep dive on the importance of chain-agnostic oracle design & how #Chainlink
is uniquely positioned to serve the multichain ecosystem:"
Chainlink (@chainlink):

".@elwood_io, a market access firm that provides 160B+ market data points, is now supplying institutional-grade market data and analytics to #Chainlink Price Feeds.

Learn why Chainlink is the leading blockchain middleware solution for data providers ⬇️
Powered by Chainlink (@Smart_Contract):

".@ZooEcosystem has integrated #Chainlink VRF on #Avalanche to help fairly and transparently mint #NFTs when users open Gold and Silver chests.

Explore how VRF enables developers to access a provably fair and verifiable source of randomness ⬇️