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Forwarded from Open4profit Official
Today we went as per plan, & traded as per btc bearish momentum. For today my trade is over, i wont open any position overnight. BTC still struggling below 35k.
Many are waiting for dips around 30k, 28k, 25k...
Just calculate at which level people will loose all hope - BUY AT THAT TIME.
Today before breaking down 35k, price quickly jumped to 37300, why just to liquidate the 50x shorts, once done... price went down.
Same thing i expect, in case price comes down, many will long -
Just do the math β€” if ppl long at 30k - 28k - 5k... what will their 25x - liquidation... OPEN YOUR LONG at those levels in parts... Market will cut both sides before making real move.
This is just for your information, things might go like this or may be not.
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Most most probably we are going to bear market... It may be for Short term... But I don't know
Matic inflow increasing in binance .... Be careful

RBI reaction on Banking Ban....

Bank n Mon Mani kya tha... Dip m buy krne k lye shyedπŸ˜‚
πŸ“ŒπŸ“ŒπŸ“Œ2011 ki tweet
Family, if you are holding any crypto then you can earn passive income on it... By staking....

After a long time binance offer 15days staking with huge return also 30days available but I suggest you for 15 days
Bcz 15 days m jiada profit hai..
Many Coins available
Maybe Bear market started

Always trade with Risk management

If 1st trend line break then we are going to 34k to 33k